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Scooter rental

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Scooter rental

One of the most suitable solutions for moving from one beach to another one or for visiting the many scenic beauties of the island is certainly the scooter.

Imagine a spring morning or one of those hot summer ones. You leave your accommodation with few things behind, perhaps without a destination, riding your scooter, free and caressed by the wind, hugged by your partner or friend, or happily and finally free and alone.

Imagine yourself happy! Because getting around the island on a scooter is amazing!

You can stop at any viewpoint (Serrara Fontana) or, intrigued by the many Forio alleys (Forio), enter these labyrinths, and unexpectedly find yourself under one of the 16 Towers (Torrioni) built around the 1400 to spot the raiders. The scooter takes you around everywhere, inland or in the center as far as you can… because some centers are closed by Ztl (Limited Traffic Zone)

But don’t panic! Just outside the restricted traffic zones there are always parking areas for scooters. If you arrive at the Ischia Ponte gate and find it closed, you can park your scooter, enter the village, and stop at Luciano’s ice cream shop, delicious artisanal ice creams! Continue to the Aragonese Castle which we recommend visiting inside too! Absolutely yes!

“Ma quanto è bello andare in giro con le ali sotto ai piedi, se hai una Vespa Special che ti toglie i pensieri” , even Lunapop sining it!

A vehicle with rather small dimensions, simple to use and extremely comfortable and easy to handle.

Our agency specializes in the scooter rental service as we have a large fleet of vehicles where you can choose models of all kinds made by some of the main brands operating in the sector.

You can choose between different displacements depending on your needs and above all on the number of travellers.

In addition, this rental service will also be appreciated for its excellent quality-price ratio.

For more information on our service dedicated to scooter rental or for any other type of need, do not hesitate to contact us!

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